About me

About me

Javier Murcia was born in Cartagena. Living near the sea made his love for marine organisms grow. From a very young age he used to dive with goggles, snorkel and fins, which led to a great interest in diving and very soon he began to feel the bug of capturing marine species in the form of images.

His work, as a naturalist and photographer, focuses on marine and freshwater fauna.

His photos have been published in several books on marine fauna, posters, calendars, posters and brochures of various ecological foundations, and have been and are exhibited in museums and exhibitions. Currently with several regional and national magazines on nature and marine biology.

Author of several books, including the "Guide to the underwater flora and fauna of the Mar Menor", "Life under the Mediterranean" and "An underwater journey through the port of Cartagena". He is co-author of the interactive book "El bosque verde, Posidonia oceanica" and "Els nostres veÏns submanins". He has collaborated in the book "Ictiofauna marina del Mediterráneo" by Domingo Lloris, in the "Atlas de fanerógamas de España" or with "las pesquerías artesanales en la región de Murcia, el chanquete".

He has received several photography awards in competitions of international stature such as the prestigious GDT (European Wildlife Photographer of the Year), Montphoto, Asferico, Fotocam, Nature photographer of the year, Navara, etc.



Javier Murcia was born in Cartagena (Murcia) in 1974. When he was a little boy he used to snorkel during the summer holiday developing a great interest in the sea and its creatures. An interest which became a passion when he started scuba diving and taking underwater photographs. His work as a naturalist and a photographer is focused on marine and freshwater fauna.

His photographs have been published in books, posters, calendars and leaflets by ecologist organizations and are shown in museums and exhibitions. Murcia collaborates on regional and national publications about nature and marine biology.

Javier Murcia is the author of the first "Guide on Marine Flora and Fauna of the Mar Menor", "Life under the Mediterranean sea" and "A Submarine Journey around Cartagena Harbour". He is co-author of the interactive book "The Green Wood: Posidonia oceanica" and "Our Submarine Veins". He has also collaborated on the following books: "Marine Ichthyofauna in the Mediterranean" by Domingo Lloris; on the "Atlas of Seagrasses in Spain" and on "Traditional Fishing in the Murcia Region: Transparent Goby (Aphia minuta)".

He has received several national and international awards on photography including: GDT (European Wildlife Photographer of the Year), Montphoto(idem), Asferico(idem), Fotocam idem, Nature photographer of the year (Idem), Nava idem.




Aquarium of the University of Murcia
Small Moma Showroom
Columbares Association
Aqua Magazine

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