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Informative photographic book about one of the most important ecosystems of the Mediterranean coasts. The work presents a large number of protected species and of great interest to the general public as it is a very visited ecosystem in summer.

The book is composed of 7 chapters with unpublished documents. This work consists of 104 pages and more than 160 photos, all of them taken on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. Each of the images is accompanied by a short explanation, as well as its scientific name and the name by which it is commonly known.

Oceanic Posidonia

First edition, March, 2022


Book about the fauna that live associated with the prairies of the phanerogam Posidonia oceanica It is an informative book published by the General Directorate of Natural Environment (Ministry of Water, Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Environment) and consists of more than 110 pages accompanied by a collection of 180 images taken all of them in the Mediterranean coasts. Discover the creatures that live between and on its leaves, the rarest to see, the smallest vertebrate of the Mediterranean and much more.

The seahorse: Singular species of Mar Menor

First edition, September, 2021


Monographic book on the seahorse (Hippocampus guttulatus) and related species in the coastal lagoon of the Mar Menor. This is the first book in a collection on the unique species of the Mar Menor. The book consists of 100 pages and more than 120 images taken exclusively in the lagoon ecosystem. Discover all about seahorses in this book.

An underwater journey through the port of Cartagena

First edition, December 2018


This publication, of about 200 pages, gathers more than 160 unpublished photographs of the waters of the port of Cartagena and surroundings. Surprising photographs that illustrate and reveal the proliferation of nature that lives in the port of Cartagena. These images show the biological richness, where you can find unique species in the Mediterranean, such as the seahorse, the nacra of thick, the dogfish or the Sarato goby and golden-headed goby. Each of the images is accompanied by a short explanation, as well as its scientific name and the name by which it is commonly known. The book has been published by the Port Authority of Cartagena.

The green forest, Posidonia oceanica

First edition, March 2014


Interactive book (iBook) of marine biology on the most important ecosystem of the Mediterranean: The Green Forest formed by the marine plant Posidonia oceanica. A total of 8 chapters with unpublished documents, illustrated with incredible underwater photographs and supported by a glossary of technical terms. Discover the creatures that live between and on its leaves, how winter storms influence and the problems that haunt this source of marine wealth. Includes a special monograph on the nacre Pinna nobilis, and the rare posidonia fish Opeatogenys gracilis. A must if you are a diver and/or passionate about the marine world.

Guide to the underwater flora and fauna of Mar Menor

First edition, April 2013 - Second edition, May 2015


The Mar Menor is a unique place as it is one of the largest and most important coastal lagoons in the Mediterranean, its great complexity makes it a unique ecosystem that we are fortunate to have but unfortunately many people are unaware of. The species that inhabit it are very diverse and some, such as the caballito, the eel or the fartet, are protected. It has 196 pages that show the most characteristic species of marine flora and fauna of the largest coastal lagoon of the Iberian Peninsula. In addition to contributing to improve the knowledge of the population about the natural values of the Mar Menor.

Vida bajo el Mediterráneo / Life under the Mediterranean sea

First edition, February 2014


This book shows a large number of high quality photographs of the underwater fauna of the Mediterranean Sea. The book is a journey through the different ecosystems of the Mare Nostrum and its most emblematic species, with sections on fishing, invasive species and conservation; it is written in English and Spanish. The book is landscape and has 245 pages.

The Mar Menor. A magical lagoon

First edition, May 2019


It is a work, with 180 pages, which reviews all the animal groups of the lagoon and has exclusive images of its fauna and flora. We can find sunrises with jellyfish, artisanal fishermen fishing or seahorses giving birth, all reflected in more than 160 photos. The images were taken from 2017 to the present. It will be available on the Canal Mar Menor website.

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